Game Guide :: RohanM

Dahn: (I've never been careless. Because death can come in at any time) Dhans are followers of Kraute Del Lagos, who settled in the North island. To escape the invasion from the human army, the Dhans are taught to be a killer since childhood, to survive and kill enemies After escaping from the mainland They have created their own culture and with unique weapons, the killers have the ability to maneuver and attack enemies quickly. As well as poison that will make their enemies weak

Assassin (Class 1): Highly agile Can cause damage by attacking the weaknesses of enemies quickly and violently.

Avengers (Class 2): Has a skill that can deal severe damage only for a short time.

Predator (Class 2): Can deal damage at close range. And also has a skill buff that can kill enemies faster

Suggested stats: STR, VIT, AGI