Human: (My sword and shield are for protection, not destruction. I am ready to sacrifice for justice.) Human is the first race that lived in the Rohan continent for a long time. They built the Kingdom of Del Lagos with the capital Einhoren. The strength of their army was inherited from Paladin, the largest and most influential human army on the continent. The knights of the Human race are known for their strength and toughness. They have swords and shields as weapons. Suitable to be a Tanker for the party

Knight (Class 1): is a profession that specializes in fighting at close range. Has a high attack and defense power

Guardian (Class 2): Outstanding attack power than defense Not just a great hunter But still very good at fighting 1-1

Defender (Class 2): Has a skill that focuses on defense. Can be a tank for the party well Because there is a lot of health and protection power

Suggested stats: STR, DEX, VIT