Installation Problem

If you found problem when installing Rohan M, please check the below.

■ Check the amount of free space in your mobile device.

 - The game cannot be installed if your mobile device does not have enough free space.

 - Please try to make free space by deleting apps you no longer use or internet cookies, then try to install again.

■ Check your network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection.

- If your network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection is unstable, the game may not install properly.

- If possible, please try to install Rohan M with a stable network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection.

■ Check the minimum system requirements for Rohan M.

- The minimum system requirement for Rohan M are shown below. The game cannot be downloaded on devices that do not match the minimum system requirement.

Minimum system requirements

[Android (AOS)]

- OS: Android 4.2 or higher

- CPU: Quad core 2.3 GHz

 Ram: 2GB


- OS: iOS 10.0 or higher

- CPU: Dual core 1.3 GHz

- Ram: 1GB -Based on iPhone 5s

If the issue isn't resolved after reinstalling the game, please go to our official Facebook fanpage then send inbox message and provide as much information as possible such as error messages, the order of events, and any other helpful information.