The game keeps crashing.


There could be a variety of reasons why your game keeps crashing.

Please try following the steps shown below and run the game again.


■ Check your network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection.

 - If your network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection is unstable, the game may crash.

 - Please try to running Rohan M with a stable network (Wi-Fi / LTE) connection.


■ Close all the apps, when running Rohan M.

 - Running multiple apps on your mobile device can take up a lot of memory, and the game may crash due to the lack of memory.


■ Update the OS on your mobile device to the latest version.

 - The game may crash if the mobile device is running on an OS lower than 4.4. We recommend updating the OS on your mobile device to the latest version for smoother gameplay.


■ Change the Graphics settings in Rohan M

 - Tap [Menu] in the top right corner of the game screen → [Option] → [Graphics Setting] → Change settings to [Low].

 - Lowering the game graphics can use less memory and stop the game from crashing.

If the issue isn't resolved after following the steps above, please go to our official Facebook fanpage then send inbox message and provide as much information as possible.