I was charged $1 for no reason.


When you try to pay be registration a card for the first time, the test payment is performed by the store itself to check whether the registered card can be paid.


[Google Play Store]

when you make a first payment with a credit card, Google Play Store may show a pending payment authorization in your bank account or card statement.

This is done by Google to verify that the card is valid or to verify that the registered account has enough money to make a purchaes and these items are requests for approval and are not charged, so we do not pay the approved amount.


[App Store]

App Store will test the validity of your registered card by charging you ($1) before you make a purchase.


The $1 will not be actually charged to your account, and is only for verification purposes.


Please be assured that this is a simple approval process and will not be charged to the actual credit card bill.