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Date : 10/16/2020


ROHAN M SEA Patch notes Update




New Token of Hero 2

New Transcendence Update: Hot Time Event

New Transcendence Update: 7 Days Attendance Event

New Transcendence Update: EXP Scroll Event

New Hello October: Roha's Playtime Event


[New Update]



The new Selenoria Zone has been added to the game!





2. Token of Hero 2

(10.15 ~ 11.05) [3 Weeks]

The Token of Hero 2 has arrived!

Token of Hero 2 can drop from monsters across the various Zones!


Token of Hero 2 can be used at SHOP > NORMAL > EVENT to purchase items during the event duration!


3. Transcendence Update Hot Time Event

(10.15 ~ 29) [2 Weeks]

Gain more EXP and CRONE during the HOT TIME EVENT!


4. Transcendence Update - 7 Days Attendance Event

(10.15 ~ 10.22) [1 Week]



5. Transcendence Update EXP Scroll Event

(10.15 ~ 22) [1 Week]    

Come get your EXP BOOST!

Login during the LOGIN PERIOD and receive free items! You must login once during the set time!


6. Hello October: Roha's Playtime Event

(10.16 ~ 19) [4 Days]            

Roha will be giving out treasure who those who successfully partake in the Playtime Event!

Play for 120 Min. and claim the 120th Min award (Red Dragon Voucher (1 hour) (Bound)) at least two times during the event period to receive rewards!*

*Rewards will be given out after Maintenance on 2020.10.22

GM's Treasure Chest contents:


[In progress]

Blaze Witch Edel: Ruby Top-up & Spending Event ~ 10.22

Shard of Ohn Hunting Event ~ 10.22

Forge Stone Combine Chance UP Event ~ 10.22

Costume Combine Chance UP & Redraw Discount Event ~ 10.22

Dragon Artifact Preservation & Drop Chance UP Event ~ 10.22

Gift of October & Updated Legendary Enhancement Package ~ 10.22

October Attendance Event - 14 Day Attendance ~ 10.22



Blaze Witch Edel: Ruby Top-up & Spending Event

Three Kingdoms Zhou Yu Event

Glorious Premium Box Summoning Discount Event

Dragon Artifact Summoning Discount Event

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