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Date : 10/30/2020


ROHAN M SEA Patch Notes



New Transcendence

New NEW DUNGEON : Rakon Dungeon Floor 1


New NEW ZONE : Curadmir


New Minimum Market Price Change

New Hit List Reward Change & NEW White Ferret Pet

New Boss Spawn Time Change

New Transcendence / Mythic Update Attendance Event

New Elemental Dungeon & Instance Dungeon Reward improved Event

New Time of Peace

New Spooky Halloween: Jack-O'-Lantern Surprise

New Spooky Halloween: Jack-O'-Lantern Playtime Event

New Spooky Halloween: Jack-O'-Lantern Weekly Task Event


[New Update]


1. Transcendence

Transcendence has been added to the game!

Characters that level up once after Lv. 100 will reach Transcendence Level 1

You may now level up to Transcendence Level 50!

The following are stats that are added once Transcendence Level 1 is achieved :

Every level after Transcendence, both base stat points and Transcendence points will be added as following:

Base Stat Points : 6 Points per Level

To raise a Transcendence Stat, Transcendence Points are required as following:

Transcendence Stats Reset

- Transcendence Stats may be reset using the "Transcendence Ability Reset Stone"

- There is no limit to resetting your Transcendence Stats as long as you have the required Crone and a Transcendence Ability Reset Stone.

- 50,000,000 Crone and 1 Transcendence Ability Reset Stone is required to reset your Transcendence Stats.


Transcendence Level Death Penalty

- From Transcendence Level 1, 0.50% EXP will be lost when your character dies. (Deaths during Castle Siege, Township Battle, and Instance/Elemental Dungeons are excluded)

- EXP can only fall down to 0.00% and your Transcendence Level will not be lowered.


You will be given 10 free EXP Restores everyday.

- By restoring your EXP, you will regain the 0.50% you had lost from death.

- There is a 24 hour time limit to recovering each EXP portion (0.50% or less), once the 24 hour time limit ends, you will lose the EXP and it cannot be restored.


Once your 10 free EXP Restores are used, you may restore your lost EXP with Ruby.

The EXP Recovery list has a maximum of 100 spaces, if you exceed this 100 count, the oldest lost EXP will be automatically be deleted and will be lost.


Reset everyday at 00:00 GMT+7

The required EXP to reach 100% at Level 100 will now be reverted back and the extra EXP that has been earned will go towards your new Level.


2. NEW DUNGEON : Rakon Dungeon Floor 1

The NEW Rakon Dungeon Floor 1 has been added to the game!

Rakon Dungeon can be accessed via SPECIAL DUNGEON MENU from the Einhorn Zone!


- The Rakon Dungeon can be accessed for 10 hours weekly and will reset every Monday at 04:00 GMT+7

- Dragon artifacts have a higher chance of dropping compared to the other zones and different items will drop as well.

- PvP is enabled in the Rakon Dungeon.


If you die from monsters or a player, 5 minuetes will be reducted from the remaining time you have at the dungeon.

You may add time to your maximum 10 hours of access with "Rakon Dungeon Voucher"s that can drop from monsters in the dungeon.

Explore the NEW Rakon Dungeon Floor 1 to find monsters and a new BOSS!