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Date : 11/5/2020


ROHAN M SEA Patch Notes



New Field Boss Mythic Equipment Material Event

New Token of Hero 3 Event

New Transcendence / Mythic Achievements ADDED

New Playtime Rewards UPDATE

New Monthly Attendance UPDATE

New Legendary Accessory CHANCE UP Event

New Double Persona from Accessory Dismantling Event

New Spirit Stone Combine CHANCE UP Event

New Hello November: Surprise

New Hello November: Playtime Event

New Hello November: Weekly Task Event


[New Update]


1. Field Boss Mythic Equipment Material Event

(11.05 ~ 11.19) [2 Week]

Field Bosses will drop materials that you require to make Mythic Grade Equipment!

Take this chance to gather essential items for powering up!

The material rewards will drop for the party or player that deals the most damage to the boss!


2. Token of Hero 3 Event

(11.05 ~ 12.03) [4 Weeks]

The Token of Hero event is back!

Gather Tokens of Hero 3 to exchange for items in the Event Shop!

The Event Shop can be accessed via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > EVENT

Monsters in the various Zones will have a chance to drop Tokens of Hero 3

Trade your Tokens of Hero 3 for the items you need!


Event Shop Items:


3. Transcendence / Mythic Achievements ADDED

NEW Achievements and Titles have been added to the game!

Reach new Achievements to obtain more Titles to gain added bonus effects!

Achievements can be found via MENU > QUESTS > ACHIEVEMENTS

Titles can be accessed by pressing your Level at the top left of the screen.


New Achievements:


New Titles:


4. Playtime Rewards UPDATE

Playtime Rewards have been changed!

Complete the full 120 Min. of gameplay to receive all of the rewards!


5. Monthly Attendance UPDATE

Monthly Attendance Rewards have been UPDATED!

Login everyday to receive rewards and receive extra bonus rewards when you maintain a consecutive login streak!

Monthly Attendance Rewards for NEW and RETURNING USERS

*A user who has not logged in for more than 15 days will be able to receive these rewards!


6. Legendary Accessory CHANCE UP Event

(11.05 ~ 11.19) [2 Weeks]

For two weeks the chance to obtain Legendary Accessories from the Glorious Premium Box has been doubled!

Summon Accessories from the Glorious Premium Box via MENU > BLACK MARKET > GLORIOUS PREMIUM BOX for a chance for LEGENDARY ACCESSORIES!


7. Double Persona from Accessory Dismantling Event

(11.05 ~ 11.19) [2 Weeks]

For two weeks the amount of Persona obtained from dismantling accessories will be doubled!

Take this chance to gather Persona to use for re-rolling accessories and making Pure Persona!


8. Spirit Stone Combine CHANCE UP Event

(11.05 ~ 11.19) [2 Weeks]

For two weeks the chance to obtain a higher-grade Spirit Stone from combining has been doubled!

Combine spirit stones of the same grade via MENU > SPIRIT STONE > FORGE to try your chance on obtaining a new higher grade Spirit Stone!

This event applies to all grades of Spirit Stones from NORMAL GRADE to LEGENDARY GRADE Spirit Stones!

You have the chance to receive a MYTHIC GRADE Spirit Stone when combining 3 LEGENDARY SPIRIT STONES!


9. Hello November: Surprise

(11.05 ~ 11.11) [1 Week]

Login during the LOGIN PERIOD and receive free items! You must login once during the set time!

Look out for the push notification and claim your rewards!


10. Hello November: Playtime Event

(11.06 ~ 11.09) [4 Days]

Play for 120 Min. and claim the 120th Min award (Black Crow Voucher (1 Hr) (Bound)) at least two times during the event period to receive rewards! *

*Rewards will be given out after Maintenance on 2020.11.12


11. Hello November: Weekly Task Event

(11.02 (4 AM GMT+7) ~ 11.09 (03.59 AM GMT+7)) [7 Days]

There is a SPOOKY SURPRISE waiting for those who complete the Weekly Tasks found in MENU > QUESTS > TASK > WEEKLY

Complete all of the Weekly Tasks and accept the final reward "Seal of Adventurer" x 100 to be given an extra reward!

You must complete the weekly task before the weekly task reset on Monday 04:00 GMT+7


Reward for Weekly Task Completion: Ohn's Treasure Chest 6 x 2


*You must complete all the weekly tasks and accept the last reward "Seal of Adventurer x 100" to be eligible for this bonus reward!

*Rewards will be given on 2020.11.12


[In progress]

RUBY PROMOTION: Razer PIN & Razer Gold ~ 12.03

Shadow Witch Diane: Ruby Top-up & Spending Event ~ 11.12

Spooky Halloween: Gacha Event ~ 11.12

NEW: Transcendence Celebration Gift Boxes ~ 11.12

NEW: Mythic Power Starter Package ~ 11.12

Deluxe Spirit Stone Box Discount ~ 11.19

NEW: Special Imprinting Package 1 & 2 ~ 11.19

Transcendence / Mythic Update Attendance Event ~ 11.11

Elemental Dungeon & Instance Dungeon Reward Improved Event ~ 11.11




Time of Peace

Token of Hero 2

Spooky Halloween: Mad Ghost & Jack Pumpkin Crafting Event

Halloween Mock Duck Hunting Event

Equipment Growth Stone Package

Seal of Adventurer Package

► DISCOUNT: Spirit Stone Socket Change Ticket

► DISCOUNT: Red Dragon & 30 Days Pet Package

Character Level-up Package RE-ADDED

DISCOUNT: Glorious Premium Box, Dragon Artifact, & Costume Summoning

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