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Date : 11/18/2020


ROHAN M SEA Item Shop Update


1. Dragon Artifact Enhance Preservation CHANCE UP Event

(11.19 ~ 12.03) [2 Weeks]

There is a chance for your artifacts to remain PRESERVED and not break when you fail in enhancing!

There is no better time to try to reach higher levels of power with enhancing your DRAGON ARTIFACTS!


2. Dragon Artifact Drop CHANCE UP Event

(11.19 ~ 12.03) [2 Weeks]

For 2 weeks, field monsters will drop Dragon Artifacts at a 50% higher rate!


3. NEW: Transcendence Level Completion Package

New Level Completion Packages have been added to the game!

These packages contain rewards that you are able to receive once you reach Transcendence and beyond!

You can find these packages via MENU > SHOP > PACKAGE > LEVEL COMPLETION

Transcendent Level Package (Level 1)


Transcendent Level Package (Level 3)


Transcendent Level Package (Level 5)


Transcendent Level Package (Level 7)


Transcendent Level Package (Level 9)


4. NEW: Moira's Treasure Chest Season 1

Moira's Treasure Chests have been added to the game!

You can find Moira's first season of treasures via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > TREASURE CHEST


5. DISCOUNT: Edoneh's Treasure Chest Bundles

(11.19 ~ 11.26) [1 Weeks]

For one week Edoneh's Treasure are available at an UNBELIEVABLE DISCOUNTED PRICE!!!

All the materials you need for forging Mythic Grade Equipment are available in Edoneh's Treasure Chest!


6. Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe)

(11.19 ~ 12.03) [2 Weeks]

The Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe) is back in the SHOP and available for purchase!

Open a Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe) to receive 1 Dragon Artifact (Unique to Ancient, T2 to T5)


7. DISCOUNT: Glorious Premium Box, Dragon Artifacts, and Costume Summoning

(11.19 ~ 11.26) [1 Week]

For ONE WEEK you have the chance to summon Accessories, Dragon Artifacts, and Costumes at a DISCOUNTED PRICE!

You may find the Glorious Premium Box and Dragon Artifacts via MENU > BLACK MARKET

Costume Summoning is available via MENU > SHOP > COSTUME

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