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Date : 12/9/2020


ROHAN M SEA Patch Notes


[New Update]


1. Roha & Montt Server Unification

The Roha & Montt Servers will now be Unified as the new MOIRA Server.

When entering the new Moira Server, there will be an option to choose between the previously existing servers.

Runes, Imprints, and Storage will remain the same, but not shared between Roha and Montt.


A Character that is Sealed can only be unsealed in the same server.

ie.) Character A from Roha Server, once sealed and sold, CANNOT be opened in the Montt Server.


Affected Game Features:

Ranking : All Rankings and Rankings for each Class will be reset

PVP : All PVP Ranking, Records, and Revenge will be reset

Guild : Guild Rankings will be refreshed with every Guild from each of the unified servers , Guild History will be reset



2. Ancient Boss Spawn Event

(12.10 ~ 12.17) [1 Week]

Everyday the following Ancient Bosses will spawn every hour from 10:00 to 22:00 GMT+7


3. Holiday Season Login Event

(12.10 ~ 12.23) [2 Weeks]

There is a new Attendance Event!

Celebrate the upcoming season with rewards that you can receive everyday!

Claim your reward everyday via EVENT > 2020 Holiday Season Login Event


4. X-MAS is Coming: Surprise Event

(12.10 ~ 12.16)

There is another gift waiting for you!

Login during the LOGIN PERIOD and receive free items! You must login once during the set time!

Look out for the push notification and claim your rewards!


5. X-MAS is Coming: Playtime Event

(12.11 ~ 12.14) [4 Days]

There will be treasurs for those who successfully partake in this Playtime Event!

Play for 120 Min. and claim the 120th Min award (Black Crow Voucher (1 hour) (Bound)) at least two times during the event period to receive rewards!*

*Rewards will be given on 2020.12.17


6. X-MAS is Coming: Weekly Task Event

(12.07 ~ 12.14) [1 Week]

There is a TREASURE waiting for those who complete the Weekly Tasks found in MENU > QUESTS > TASK > WEEKLY

Complete all of the Weekly Tasks and accept the final reward "Seal of Adventurer" x 100 to be given an extra reward!

You must complete the weekly task before the weekly task reset on Monday 04:00 GMT+7

Reward for : Ohn's Treasure Chest 8 x 2

*You must complete all the weekly tasks and accept the last reward "Seal of Adventurer x 100" to be eledgible for this bonus reward!

*Rewards will be given on 2020.12.17


[In progress]

Token of Hero Season 4 ~ 01.07

Edoneh Server & White Mage Celebration Events ~ 12.28

December Gifts ~ 12.17

Mythic Accessory Package ~ 12.17

Rune Enhancement Package ~ 12.17

Character Level-Up Package ~ 12.17



iOS & Google IAP Ruby Promotion Event

Elf Healer Update Ruby Top-up & Spending Event

Class Change Ticket DISCOUNT & LIMITED TIME Package

Server Transfer System

Transcedent Mock Duck Hunting Event

Legendary Boss Spawn Event

BLACK FRIDAY Attendance Event

Edoneh's Treasure Chest Season 2 DISCOUNT

Ohn's Treasure Chest Season 7 DISCOUNT

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