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Date : 12/9/2020


ROHAN M SEA Item Shop Update


1. 2020 Holiday Greeting Ruby Top-up & Spending Event

(12.10 ~ 12.24) [2 Weeks]
The Winter Holidays are coming!

Partake in this new Ruby Top-up & Spending Event to maximize your purchases with extra rewards!


*Only Ruby that is purchased via in-game or from official vendors will count towards this event.

*Only Ruby that is spent in the Shop and Black Market will count towards this event.


2. Costume Combine Chance UP & Redraw DISCOUNT Event
(12.10 ~ 12.24) [2 Weeks]

For TWO WEEKS the chance to obtain a higher grade Costume or Crest from Combining will be higher!

The cost to redraw will also be on 50% discount during this Event!

Costumes & Crests can be combined via MENU > COSTUME > COMBINE


3. Legendary Grade Kishi the Ancient Dekan Costume & Crest
(12.10 ~ 12.17) [1 Week]

A new Legendary Grade Costume & Crest have been added to the game!

For a limited ONE WEEK period, the chance to obtain Kishi the Ancient Dekan Costume & Crest will be doubled!


4. Costume Summoning DISCOUNT Event
(12.10 ~ 12.17) [1 Week]

For ONE WEEK there will be a DISCOUNT available for Costume Summoning!

Your may Summon Costumes via MENU > SHOP > COSTUME


5. Ohn's Treasure Chest Season 8 & LIMITED TIME DISCOUNTED BUNDLES

(12.10 ~ 12.24) [2 Weeks]

Ohn has arrived with a new season of TREASURE!

For TWO WEEKS Ohn's new Treasure will be available for purchase at a DISCOUNT as well!

DISCOUNTED Ohn's Treasure Chest 8:

Your may purchase Ohn's Treasure Chest 8 via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > TREASURE CHEST


6. Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe)

(12.10 ~ 12.24) [2 Weeks]

The Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe) is now available for purchase!

Unlike the Summoning Dragon Artifacts from the Black Market, Dragon Artifacts from the Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe) will be T2 or higher!

Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe):

Your may purchase the Dragon Artifact Box (Deluxe) via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > MATERIAL

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