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Date : 1/6/2021


ROHAN M SEA Patch Notes


[New Update]

1. Relic Weapon Collection: Heroic Grade Collections

New Relic Weapon Collection pages have been added.

More Relic Collections are available for completion for even greater stat bonuses!

Heroic Grade Relics and various materials will be required for the new addition of Collection Sets.

Find your Relic Collection via MENU > RELIC > COLLECTION

*You must complete the first Collection page of a Set to receive the effects of the next.


2. Shard of Ohn Hunting Event

01/07 ~ 01/21 (2 Weeks) Every Hour 09:00 ~ 22:00 GMT+7

The Shards of Ohn have returned and are waiting to be hunted down!!

Hunt the Shards of Ohn to receive a "Blessing of the Great God Ohn 4."

Open a "Blessing of the Great God Ohn 4" to receive one of the items below:


3. Token of Hero 5

01/07 ~ 02/04 (4 Weeks)

The next season of the Token of Hero event is here!

Gather the Tokens of Hero 5 from monsters throughout Rohan and Arpia!

Use your collected Tokens of Hero 5 at the Event Shop!

The Event Shop can be found via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > TOKEN EVENT


4. 2021 NEW YEAR Attendance Event

01/07 ~ 01/21 (2 Weeks)

Login everyday to receive free rewards!

Complete all 14 Days to receive an Edoneh's Treasure Chest 3!

Claim your reward EVERYDAY and receive an Edoneh's Treasure Chest 3 after completing all 14 Days!


5. Ancient Boss Spawn Event

01/07 ~ 01/14 (1 Week) Every Hour 09:00 ~ 22:00 GMT+7

Everyday the following Ancient Bosses will spawn every hour from 09:00 to 22:00 GMT+7

Hunt the Ancient Bosses for items and to complete your achievement quests!


6. Daily Reward Packages DISCONTINUED

This is the last chance!

The following items from the Item Shop will be removed following Maintenance!

Purchase these Daily Reward Packages one last time to receive the extra items daily!


7. 2021 NEW YEAR: Surprise Event

01/07 ~ 01/13

There is another gift waiting for you!

Login during the LOGIN PERIOD and receive free items! You must login once during the set time!

Look out for the push notification and claim your rewards!


8. 2021 NEW YEAR: Playtime Event

01/08 ~ 01/11 (4 Days)

There will be treasurs for those who successfully partake in this Playtime Event!

Play for 120 Min. and claim the 120th Min award (Black Crow Voucher (1 hour) (Bound)) at least two times during the event period to receive rewards!*

*Rewards will be given on 2021.01.14


9. 2021 NEW YEAR: Weekly Task Event

(01.04 ~ 01.11) [1 Week]

There is a TREASURE waiting for those who complete the Weekly Tasks found in MENU > QUESTS > TASK > WEEKLY

Complete all of the Weekly Tasks and accept the final reward "Seal of Adventurer" x 100 to be given an extra reward!

You must complete the weekly task before the weekly task reset on Monday 04:00 GMT+7

Reward for : Ohn's Treasure Chest 8 x 2

*You must complete all the weekly tasks and accept the last reward "Seal of Adventurer x 100" to be eledgible for this bonus reward!

*Rewards will be given on 2021.01.14


[In progress]

Arie & Karis Free Server Transfer ~ 01.21



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