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Date : 2/17/2021

Developer Note February 18, 2021


Greetings Warriors.


How has the fight for GLORY been on the battlefield?


We hope that there has been enjoyment with the most recently added game features and that our Warriors have experienced new levels of gameplay.


The R.O.H.A.N. M. team would like to give some insight regarding the upcoming plans for the game. Lunar New Year has just passed and once again we are reaching a new beginning.


On the 25th of this month of February, there will be a few exciting changes and an added game feature for all our Warriors.


WORLD RAIDS will now be open.


On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Warriors will have a chance at extra rewards from placing within the rankings from each Raid. Place within the top 10 of your Raid instance to receive Keys to enter the Awakened Raids that will take place every Saturday.


Instance and Elemental Dungeons will be renewed.


The items and EXP from both Instance and Elemental Dungeons will be greatly increased to provide more benefits to our Warriors. Monsters in the Dungeons will increase in difficulty, but what lies at each completion will be much more rewarding.


We will introduce a new DHAN Assassin.


Just as the Dark Elf Mage had undergone a renewal, we have prepared a renewed version of the Assassin. The Active and Passive skills have undergone a change that will make an impact on the battlefield. 


Transcendence 50 will no longer be the limit to a character’s Level.


The Level-cap will be raised to Transcendence 60 (Level 160) with additional Transcendence Stats added for each Race type. We open our Warriors to another tier of POWER.


There will be a continuation of various events - both old and new - along with additional extensions to preexisting features. 


Warriors can expect to meet a renewed HUMAN Knight and HALF-ELF Archer in the upcoming updates. Additional Relic Collections will be added for even greater POWER. We plan to implement more improvements for our Warriors in efforts to innovate the gameplay experience for all to enjoy.


There will be multiple Character Balances made along with more newly added contents in the near future. A new Zone in the Arpia Continent will also be added in due time.


We thank each and every one of our Warriors who have been with us up until now. We give our gratitude for the love that exists for our game and hope to achieve the goal of creating an enjoyable game that our Warriors spend their precious time playing.


These updates are merely a start to the greater changes that we plan to have for you all.


Thank you Warriors.




  • From the R.O.H.A.N. M. Team
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