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Date : 3/25/2021


New Knight Functions: Gauge Function (Fury/Guard) and Abilities

- A Fury/Guard gauge has been added to the Basic Attack button.


- Gauge has a minimal value of 0 and a maximum of 100.

- Holding down an Active Skill for 1 second will allow you to switch between Normal, Fury, and Guard.


- When there is enough charge of Fury or Guard, additional skill effects will apply.
- The base effects of a skill will be applied when there is insufficient Fury / Guard.

- Text has been added above the Quick Slot display with Guage Function information.


- A "G" will display on skill icons that have Fury / Guard functionality.


- A successful "Block" will reduce the amount of received DMG by 50% and display on screen.
- The "Block" stat has a maximum of 80% Chance.
- Elemental Damage cannot be Blocked and passive skills that activate from Critical Attacks will not activate when Blocked.
- "Block" will not apply for attacks from Boss Monsters.

- The "Binding" Active Skill, when successful, pulls and Roots the Target.


- "Binding" may fail depending on the Status Effect Resistance of the selected Target.


* Sword (Dagger) = Higher Fury Charge
* Sword (Shield) = Higher Guard Charge