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Date : 4/8/2021

[New Update]

- Relic Weapon Selection Boxes may still be crafted with the "Spirit" items obtained from dismantling Legendary and Mythic Relic Weapons.
* Crafting "Spirit of the Great God (Bound)" and "Spirit of the Executor (Bound)" with Edoneh's Relic Weapon Summon Tickets will no longer be available once MA begins.
* These two items will be removed from the "Event" tab in Crafting.


If you wish to craft a Mythic Spirit for either Great God or Executor Relics, please do so before the MA begins.


 The World & Awakened Raid times have been changed.

* The following are the Raids available each day.
* Rewards from raids are the same as the current World & Awakened Raids.






 The "Ancient Weapon Forge Stone Box" and "Ancient Armor Forge Stone Box" will be removed from the CRAFTING menu.
     NEW items have been added in place of the old ones!


 Period: 04/08 ~ 04/15 (1 Week)

     An extra Login Event is here!
 Claim your Heroic Costume/Crest Box every day for ONE WEEK!




 Period: 04/08 ~ 04/22 (2 Weeks)
      Make use of your extra items!
 More options to use your materials have been added to EVENT CRAFTING!



 Period: 04/08 ~ 04/22 (2 Weeks)