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Date : 4/28/2021

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  Welcome to the INFERNO

     The HARDCORE Server INFERNO is now open.
     There are many different features in the HARDCORE Server compared to the Normal Servers.
     To enter the HARDCORE Server, you must undergo a Server Transfer into the INFERNO.

     All existing features of the game are in the HARDCORE Server as well.
     The minimum requirement to Transfer into the INFERNO Server is Transcendence Level 120.

     The following is a chart of Server Transfer changes:
     * This includes the Normal Servers as well



     There are only FIVE free EXP repairs in the HARDCORE Server.
     The chance of and repair cost of destroyed equipment is much higher than compared to the Normal Servers.
     There are no free repairs for destroyed equipment as well.

     If your Character is greeted by death, once back in Einhorn, regeneration will be greatly reduced while in Town.

     After death and upon revival, you will receive a Death Penalty that lowers your total Bonus EXP Gain for a period of time.




     This EXP penalty may be removed using a "Death Penalty Negate Scroll" that is purchasable in the SHOP.


  Guilds have undergone changes as well in the HARDCORE Server.

     The maximum number of Guild Members at Guild Level 20 has been increased from 100 to 150.

     The cooldown to join a Guild after quitting has been decreased from 24 hours to 12 hours.
* This applies for both HARDCORE and Normal Servers

     New Guild Buffs have been added.
     These are exclusive to the HARDCORE Server.




     A new special HARDCORE Dungeon will be available for entry.
    Monsters in the Shadow Fortress Dungeon range from Level 103 ~ 117.
     A new currency exclusive to the HARDCORE Server "Combat Coin" has a higher drop rate within this Dungeon.

     The Shadow Fortress Dungeon is a PvP enabled zone and Revenge cannot be used against players inside.




  PvP ranking tiers and rewards have been updated in the HARDCORE Server.



    Rewards beyond any before await for the ones who climb to the top.


  The rewards for Township Battle (TSB) & Castle Siege (CS) have been updated in the HARDCORE Server.

     The HARDCORE Server INFERNO is now open.




  Monsters in the ARPIA Continent will drop "Combat Coins" at a low rate.

     EXP from the Rakon Dungeon, Curadmir, Dragon's Lair, Abyss Cave, Highst Garden, and Castle of Plague has been increased in the HARDCORE Server.
     Additionally, higher Option Point Enchanted Equipment will drop in the Arpia Continent.

     The amount of CRONE dropped from monsters in all zones has been dramatically decreased, while significantly increased in the three floors of the Rakon Dungeon.

     A new style of play can be found in the HARDCORE Server.


  A "Combat Coin" section has been added to the SHOP.

     These items can only be purchased with "Combat Coins" and Ruby in the HARDCORE Server.




     * Blessing of the Omni God gives a EXP Gain buff for a period of time and may be used with existing EXP Buff items.
     * Death Penalty Negate Scroll removes the EXP debuff that is applied after death.
     * Legendary Forge Stone Box II (Armor) contains a new series of Legendary Forge Stones for Armor Equipment parts.
     * Special Dungeon Voucher Box contains a random time voucher for either the Rakon Dungeon, the Abyss Cave Dungeon, or the HARDCORE Server exclusive Shadow Fortress Dungeon.


  A new series of daily HARDCORE quests have been added.
 These quests may be completed and will be reset daily at 04:00 GMT+7.

     These quests include Combat Coins and large amounts of EXP upon completion.


  Several Bosses have been updated with much higher HP and altered item drops.

     * Bosses in Normal Servers will no longer drop the Force of the Great God, Mother Goddess, and Evil God.





  In addition to the HARDCORE Server exclusive SHOP items, the next level of Mythic Forge Stones are available in the HARDCORE Server.

     These new Mythic Forge Stones require the "Force of the Omni God" which can be crafted using Power Fragments and Combat Coins.
     Many new items have been added to the Crafting menu and are exclusive to the HARDCORE Server.

     Power Fragments can be obtained from boss drops and from PvP rewards.
     Combat Coins can be obtained from various monsters, bosses, PvP rewards, and Castle Siege rewards.

     Find out more about these new items in the HARDCORE Server INFERNO.


  The first HARDCORE Server INFERNO will open.

     Warriors from all servers may enter and experience a different dimension of battle and play.
     There will be bonus rewards waiting for the ones who claim the throne.

     This event will progress until the last tier of rewards has been claimed.




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