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Date : 5/20/2021

[New Update]

      The Archer has been Renewed.

     Can read more details at Link: Click here!



        The instance where a dummy item would appear on the market has been corrected.
Items in mail displaying random option values has been corrected.
Locked Dragon Artifacts will not be available to use for enhancement.
An error that would occur on certain maps with the Character Simplification settings have been resolved.
Effects from your own attacks will now correctly display even while Character Simplification has been turned on.
Costumes/Crests obtained from combining will now correctly display in the System Chat.
Character change will now only be available from town (Einhorn) and not in other zones.
Dekan’s Evolve form not displaying after moving to a different zone has been corrected.
A notice has been added to appear when attempting to leave an active World Raid.
An instance when the Costume Display on/off feature would function the opposite way has been corrected.
Completed quests incorrectly displaying the ‘moving to quest location’ text has been corrected.
When an inventory has 1 remaining empty slot and an attempt to purchase an item(s) that require at least 2 empty slots is made, a pop-up has been added to give notice that the purchase cannot be made due to the lack of space.
The instance when auto-completion in a dungeon instance would be deselected when entering another instance has been corrected.


 Divine Equipment have been added to the game


     - The current UI has been altered to display the four types of equipment that are available to use.
     * Can read more details at the link: https://rohanm.playwithsea.com/GameGuide/ViewMainMenu?GuideID=2037


 The Hall of the Omnipotent has been added to the game.

     Special Dungeon that is on accessible in the HARDCORE servers.
     Level 118 ~ 125 Monsters appear in this zone. Monsters are of Normal, Elite, and Named Types.
     There is a higher chance for monsters to drop Combat Coins in this dungeon.