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Date : 6/4/2021

[New Update]

 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/24 (3 Weeks)


     The Summer Welcoming Sapling Event is here!
     Acquire Saplings and use Watering Cans to grow them into materials used for Crafting items!

     Normal Watering Cans may be obtained from Monster Drops!
     Elite Monsters will have a higher drop rate compared to Normal Monsters.
     Golden Watering Cans are available for purchase from the SHOP!

     Saplings are available in the SHOP for FREE!
     Additional Saplings may be purchased as well.

     * Use the Watering Cans and Saplings as materials to craft various items!



 Period: 06/03 ~ 07/08 (5 Weeks)

     The next season of the Token of Hero event is here!
     Gather the Tokens of Hero 10 from monsters throughout Rohan and Arpia!


     Use your collected Tokens of Hero 10 at the Event Shop!
     The Event Shop can be found via MENU > SHOP > NORMAL > EVENT



 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/17 (2 Weeks)

     The Mock Duck Hunting Event is back! This time around there will be TRANSCENDENT MOCK DUCKS waiting to be hunted in the various Zones!
     Hunting down a Transcendent Mock Duck will give you a Golden Duck Egg VI!
     Every hour these Mock Ducks will spawn across each Zone. Hunt them down for all the Golden Eggs!



 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/10 (1 Week) Every Hour 09:00 ~ 22:00 GMT+7

     Everyday the following Ancient Bosses will spawn every hour from 09:00 to 22:00 GMT+7


     * Hunt the Ancient Bosses for items and to complete your achievement quests!


 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/17 (2 Weeks)



 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/09 Starts after MA until 06/09 @ 00:00 GMT+7

     06/04, 06/05, 06/06, 06/07, 06/08, 06/09
     Celebrate the coming of the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF R.O.H.A.N. M!!!

      There will be a Crone and EXP Bonus active from after MA Daily from 10:00 ~ 23:59 GMT+7!
     Enjoy the +50% Crone and EXP Boost for SIX WHOLE DAYS!


 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/17 (2 Weeks)

     Mythic Relic Weapons may now be CRAFTED for a LIMITED TIME! Act fast before it's too late!
     Two crafting options have been added to the EVENT tab in the CRAFTING MENU!




 Period: 06/03 ~ 07/01 (4 Weeks)

     Moira has returned with a new season of treasure!
     Purchase Moira's Treasure for various buff potions and scrolls for your combat needs!



 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/17 (2 Weeks)

     Take this opportunity to upgrade your character with DISCOUNTS for Costume Summons, Costume Combine Redraws, and Equipment Succession!



 Period: 06/03 ~ 06/10 (1 Week)

     Edoneh's Summer Welcoming Ruby Party is HERE!