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Date : 6/16/2021

[New Update]

 Period: 06/17 ~ 07/01 (2 Weeks)

     Take a chance at receiving the following rewards when you play this seasonal Gacha!
     You will receive one random item from the reward list each time you play and each reward can only be received once!
     By playing this Summer Gacha a total of 15 times, you can obtain ALL OF THE REWARDS!




 Period: 06/17 ~ 07/01 (2 Weeks) Hourly from 09:00~22:00 GMT+7

     The Shards of Ohn have returned and are waiting to be hunted down!
     Hunt the Shards of Ohn to receive a "Blessing of the Great God Ohn 9."
     Use this time to gain extra materials and take some time off of the ongoing WAR!



     Open a "Blessing of the Great God Ohn 9" to receive one of the items below:



 Period: 06/17 ~ 07/01 (2 Weeks)

     Certain SHOP Items will be available at a SUPER SALE PRICE!


     *Take this chance to purchase the essential materials you need to improve your character!
     *This SUPER SHOP SALE will only be available for TWO WEEKS!


 Ohn has arrived with his new SEASON OF TREASURE!



 Period: 06/17 ~ 06/24 (1 Week)

     Ohn's Treasure 14 will be available in DISCOUNTED BUNDLES for ONE WEEK!




 Period: 06/17 ~ 06/24 (1 Week)

     Edoneh's Treasure Season 8 will be available in DISCOUNTED BUNDLES for ONE WEEK!




 Period: 06/17 ~ 07/01 (2 Weeks)

     Purchase these Summer Welcoming Dragon Artifact Packages that include RUBY
     and a Dragon Artifact Box that contains a T2 ~ T5 Legendary Dragon Artifact!!!
     Select the Dragon Artifact part you want and receive a random Tier Dragon Artifact!