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Date : 9/13/2021

[New Update]


 Period: 09/09 ~ 09/16 (1 Week)


     Users who purchased items from 9.9 Special Deal (ARCANEA, EDONEH) at 09.09 (After MA) - 09.16 (Before MA) could get a chance to win the rewards, 1 EA = 1 Chance (Maximum 15 chances / 1 ID)

     There're 9 winners for Lucky Draw Rewards



     • Drawing winners will be announced on the https://www.facebook.com/rohanm.playwithsea/ on 09.16
     • At least one purchase of either the Edoneh's or Arcanea's 9.9 Special Deal must be made to enter the drawing
     • Up to a total of 15 entries may be entered from purchasing the 9.9 Special Deal IAPs
     • One person may only win 1 out of the total 9 rewards
     • Winners are required to verify identity via Inbox Fanpage to confirm and receive their LUCKY DRAW Reward
     • Rewards will be sent out within 3 days following user confirmation
     • We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


     Relic Weapon Summoning has gone under a renewal.