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Date : 7/30/2020


ROHAN M SEA Patch Notes



Leona's Summer Party Event

Costume Party Time Event

August Playtime Rewards Event

Level-up Event Reward Changes


[Extended Event]

1. Mock Duck Hunting Event (2 Weeks).

Duration: 2020.07.16 After Maintenance ~ 2020.08.13 Before Maintenance

How to participate:

  • Every hour from 9 AM – 10 PM (GMT +7) 15/30 Mock Duck Knights will spawn in each zone
  • Mock Duck Knights will drop a ‘Golden Duck Egg’
  • Chance to receive the items below when opening a ‘Golden Duck Egg’

Spawn Areas


[New Event]


1. Leona's Summer Party Event

Duration: 2020.07.30 After Maintenance ~ 2020.08.05 Before Maintenance

Login everyday from 07/30 (THURSDAY) until 08/05 (WEDNESDAY) at GMT+7 12:00 (12 PM) and 18:00 (6 PM) to receive rewards!


(12 PM) Rewards:

Leona's Treasure Chest II x 1

Heroic Equipment Enhancement Stone (Bound) x 10


(6 PM) Rewards:

Leona's Treasure Chest II x 1

Ancient Equipment Enhancement Stone (Bound) x 5


2. Costume Party Time Event

Duration: Every 7 PM (GMT +7) of 2020.07.31 ~ 2020.08.02

Login everyday from 07/31 (FRIDAY) until 08/02 (SUNDAY) at GMT+7 19:00 (7 PM) to receive rewards!


(7 PM) Reward:

Heroic Costume Box (Bound) x 1


3. August Playtime Rewards Event

Duration: 2020.07.31 (0.01 AM)(GMT +7) ~ 2020.08.03 (11.59 PM)(GMT +7)

Players who reach 120 minutes of playtime and claim the Dungeon Ticket x 3 reward at least 2 times will receive an additional reward.


(Dungeon Ticket x 3) reward 2 times total, reward: Leona's Treasure Chest II x 10

(Dungeon Ticket x 3) reward 3 times total, reward: Leona's Treasure Chest II x 15

(Dungeon Ticket x 3) reward 4 times total, reward: Leona's Treasure Chest II 15 + Ohn's Treasure Chest III x 2


Note: The Additional rewards will be sent on August 6th after Maintainence


4. Level-up Event Rewards Event

The rewards given out for leveling up have been reconfigured with additional reward milestones*.

*Rewards have been added for levels 35, 45, 55, and 65.

*The character once recieved the rewards before, will only receive rewards for level 35, 45, 55 abd 65.

The following table shows what the updated rewards are and the corresponding level requirements.


[In progress]

Ruby Top-up Event

Ruby Spending Event

► 50 Day Anniversary - 14 Day Attendance Event



Ohn's Treasure Season 2

50 Day Anniversary Package

Costume Combining Chance UP Event

Forge Stone Combining Chance UP Event

Special Costume Package

Special Rune Package

Special Forge Stone Package

Limited Package

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